AZZIO (Italy)

Azzio’s Convent Church marks a significant piece of Valcuvia’s history. And to Mascioni, a greater one still: the company was born right here.

At the time of the Napoleonic suppression, two fathers Pasquale and Antonio Mascioni took refuge here, and with their young cousin Giacomo founded a small organ workshop.

Thanks to generous donations the church has been totally restored, and now a new organ can again complete its artistic and musical life, too. Of two manuals and pedals, it’s a seventeenth-century Italian ripieno in the truest sense within a case to match.

Drawn up by Maestro Lorenzo Ghielmi, the specification puts the regular liturgy first: the three flutes and pedal reed allows players, too, to easily create solos and accompaniments.
Close second is the seventeenth-century repertoire, notably Bach. A musically spiritual leader if there ever was.

In that way, the organ has the potential to become a new reference for the province of Varese: itself a treasure trove of eighteenth-century organs, but rarely the music of Bach!

As the church is a mere kilometre from the workshop all the voicing, including preparation, has been carried out on site. Very probably as it would have been in the 1800’s, and certainly a touch we wanted to add from the start.

One of many, really, as this organ has truly reconnected us with our personal past.

2 keyboards of 50 keys (C-d) – pedalboard of 26 keys (C-d) – without C#1

Manual  I – Gr. Organo
1. Principale 8′
2. Ottava 4′
3. Sesquialtera 2 file
4. Mistura 3-4 file
5. Flauto a camino 8′
10. Subbasso 16′
11. Trombone  16′
Manual  II – Positivo
6. Bordone 8′
7. Flauto a cuspide 4′
8. Nazardo 3′
9. Ottava 2′
I al Ped
II al Ped
I al II
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