We started the overhauling works at the main organ built by Tamburini in 1962 for St.Peter in Rome.

Last renovation works where executed by our company in year 1999. After nearly 20 years the organ need only cleaning from dust and tuning.

The instrument is composed by two separate units symmetrically placed beside the main altar and contained in large wooden case mounted on wheels.

Each organ can be moved forward and backward by electric motors applied to the wheels while opening gates in the case can store inside the two consoles while not in use.


Built in several steps is now undergoing an important renovation for this important instrument.
A new two manual Eco organ placed in a lateral chapel and a new 5 manual console able to control all the 6 organs.
Florence Cathedral can now count 4 consoles (2-3-4-5 manuals) and 6 organs for  total of more then 7.500 pipes.

LUGANO (Switzerland) - Cathedral

Built in 1908 and inaugurated by the legendary Maestro Marco Enrico Bossi, this vintage tubular pneumatic organ is now being completely restored and returned to its original specification.

THE ORGAN (UK Pipe Organ Magazine)

We are proud to announce that January 2017 cover page and main article of THE ORGAN magazine are dedicated to one of our latest effort: the organ for the Cathedral of Vila Real in Portugal.

TENERO (Switzerland) - St.Peter and St.Vincent Martyr

An electric action organ of modest proportions, yet with a huge personality.

BRESCIA (Italy) - Old Cathedral

First built in 1536 by Giacomo Antegnati then integrated by Serassi in 1826 this important organ is now being completely restored during 2017. Stay tuned.

AZZIO (Italy) - The Convent church

A true Italian classic, conceived by the consultant Maestro Lorenzo Ghielmi who has worked with us regularly for over 20 years.

Two manuals and pedals, with mechanical action throughout.
The specification is interesting in that while both manuals’ foundation stops are independent, the upperwork is common to both: maximum versatility in a limited space.

Azzio’s Convent Church marks a significant piece of Valcuvia’s history. And to Mascioni, a greater one still: the company was born right here.

VILA REAL (Portugal) - St. Dominic Cathedral

A new symphonic organ for a historic cathedral to the north of Portugal.

Adorned with a striking Trompeta in Batalha in burnished copper, and proof that total modernity really can enrich the most traditional of surroundings.

MOSCOW (Russia) - Privat

We are delivering our first organ to Russia. It is a small Positiv instrument but very interesting indeed.

ROME (Italy) - S.Antonio dei Portoghesi

A restyling of the organ is in progress. we have realized a new 5 manual console while the 5th division is in progress. The organ will count 63 stops over 5 keyboards.
A great new video shows the Russian organist Liudmila Matsyura at the new console playing Tournemire: a good audio recording too.


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Mascioni Organs

MINUSIO (Switzerland) - Parish church
Renovation of the Mascioni opus 1041 from 1980. This organ has tracker action for manuals-pedals and electric action for stops. The old case is original "Mascioni" one of the previous instrument built by our workshop in 1920. Two manuals and 21 stops, just completed today.

MINUSIO (Svizzera) - Chiesa parrocchiale
Manutenzione straordinaria dell'organo Mascioni opus 1041 del 1980. Lo strumento è a trasmissione meccanica per manuali e pedaliera ed elettrica per i registri. La cassa è originale "Mascioni" del precedente organo costruito dalla nostra ditta nel 1920. L'organo ha 21 registri reali ed è stato appena ultimato.
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Mascioni Organs

Roncegno (TN) - Friday 29 June at 8.30 pm, M°Stefano Rattini (organist of Trento Cathedral) will open the restoration work of the organ made by Pugina in 1931. A two manual instrument with pnaumatic transmisison and 18 stops enclosed in a spectacular rich case.

RONCEGNO (TN) - Venerdì 29 giugno alle ore 20.30, il M°Stefano Rattini (organista del Duomo di Trento) inaugurerà i lavori di restauro dell'organo Pugina 1931. Uno strumento a due manuali e 18 registri inseriti in una cassa monumentale di spettacolare fattura.
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Mascioni Organs

GUASTALLA (RE) - Duomo S.Pietro: After our first restoration in 1979, the G. Serassi of 1794 is now undergoing extraordinary maintenance as a result of the restoration works of the church needed after the earthquake that struck Emilia in 2012.

GUASTALLA (RE) - Duomo S.Pietro: Dopo il nostro primo restauro del 1979, l'Organo G.Serassi del 1794 è ora in manutenzione straordinaria a seguito i lavori di restauro architettonico della chiesa necessari dopo il terremoto che colpì l'Emilia nel 2012.
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