In THE AMERICAN ORGANIST magazine  (March 2021), one of the articles is dedicated to the new organ for the CNSM in Paris, project by Olivier Latry

The american organist
THE ORGAN (UK Pipe Organ Magazine)

We are proud to announce that  in THE ORGAN magazine  (February 2021) one of the articles is dedicated to a recent project: the organ for AZZIO’s Convent Church.


The great organ of the Cathedral is under a general cleaning/restoration work after two years of works inside the Cathedral, works that carried out massive dust inside the instruments.


The great organ of the Cathedral is under a general cleaning/restoration work after two years of works inside the Cathedral, works that carried out massive dust inside the instruments.

FATIMA (Portugal) – Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima

A preview of the first CD recorded on the organ we built for Fatima Sanctuary. Thanks to Wayne Marshall who played the instrument and to Jake Purches who made the recordings and the video. The CD will be available soon …. stay tuned.


We are proud to announce new three manual organ for the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris. The organ will be installed in October 2020.


We are working on the restoration of the Werner Bosch organ 1954 of the Parish Church.
The organ is located at the west-end gallery of the Church above the main entrance, enclosed in a wooden oak case/front.
The transmission is electro-pneumatic: the console is an electromechanical console while the windchests are ‘cone-valve’ chests with pneumatic puffers.


A very tiny Island in the middle of the sea, in the Ciclades. We have just completed an on site restoration of the Zeno Fedeli organ of the Catholic Cathedral.

It has been an astonish experience, in a wonderful September. The organ is now ready for the solo ANO Syros Organ Festival, the unique organ festival in Greece.


We’re proud to announce that an exciting project is soon to be realised in the United
Kingdom. And in the heart of Oxford, one of its most elegant cities.

The Church of St. John the Evangelist, part of The University of Oxford’s private hall, is to
have a new two-manual mechanical action organ to enhance its roles of both church and
concert hall.
Fundraising is now under way, and we look forward very much to filling the church’s fine
acoustic with brand-new timbres.


We started the overhauling works at the main organ built by Tamburini in 1962 for St.Peter in Rome.

Last renovation works where executed by our company in year 1999. After nearly 20 years the organ need only cleaning from dust and tuning.

The instrument is composed by two separate units symmetrically placed beside the main altar and contained in large wooden case mounted on wheels.

Each organ can be moved forward and backward by electric motors applied to the wheels while opening gates in the case can store inside the two consoles while not in use.


Built in several steps is now undergoing an important renovation for this important instrument.
A new two manual Eco organ placed in a lateral chapel and a new 5 manual console able to control all the 6 organs.
Florence Cathedral can now count 4 consoles (2-3-4-5 manuals) and 6 organs for  total of more then 7.500 pipes.

LUGANO (Switzerland) - Cathedral

Built in 1908 and inaugurated by the legendary Maestro Marco Enrico Bossi, this vintage tubular pneumatic organ is now being completely restored and returned to its original specification.

THE ORGAN (UK Pipe Organ Magazine)

We are proud to announce that January 2017 cover page and main article of THE ORGAN magazine are dedicated to one of our latest effort: the organ for the Cathedral of Vila Real in Portugal.

BRESCIA (Italy) - Old Cathedral

First built in 1536 by Giacomo Antegnati then integrated by Serassi in 1826 this important organ is now being completely restored during 2017. Stay tuned.


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Mascioni Organs
BESSICA DI LORIA - (Treviso)Sono in corso i lavori di rimontaggio dopo il restauro dell'organo costruito dai F.lli Zordan nel 1904. Si tratta di uno strumento a trasmissione meccanica, collocato in controfacciata e composto da due manuali di 58 note e pedaliera di 30 note per un totale di 24 registri. Particolare è il sistema meccanico di azionamento delle combinazioni fisse a pistoncini posti sotto le tastiere. ... See MoreSee Less
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Mascioni Organs
PASQUA 2021 - CONTRASTARE I PROBLEMI DI SECCOA causa del freddo intenso (almeno qui al nord) e delle giornate di bel tempo secco di questo periodo pre-Pasquale, l'umidità relativa all'interno delle chiese, peggiorata dall'accensione del riscaldamento, pone gli strumenti in condizioni limite per il loro corretto funzionamento.Si suggerisce di porre delle bacinelle d'acqua all'interno degli strumenti, facendo attenzione a non posizonarli sopra i mantici, in modo da apportare un po' d'umdità e cercare di contrastare la condizione di particolare secco.L'effetto positivo non è immediato, solo dopo qualche giorno sarà possibile vedere i benefici di tale operazione. ... See MoreSee Less
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Mascioni Organs
Enrico Mascioni era un uomo di poche parole.A parlare per lui sono state le migliaia e migliaia di canne antiche e nuove, a cui, con il tocco di un mago, Enrico ha donato il soffio della vita.Il loro canto, soave o possente, semplice e grandioso, continuerà a parlare la sua lingua, e colmerà con la dolcezza della musica il grande vuoto che la sua partenza ha lasciato tra di noi.6 febbraio 1934 - 2 marzo 2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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