Every new Mascioni organ is an individual. Designed, built, scaled and voiced to be an integral part of one building, and the musical life surrounding it.

So not surprisingly, the consultation and design for an instrument can take as long as its actual construction. Sometimes more. After all, an investment in an organ is an investment in the cultural future of its home.

One of the many reasons why Mascioni organs are now found across Italy, Europe and the world.

Elenco organi
PARIS (France) – Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique     III/49

A very unique studio organ for a unique conservatoire.
Olivier Latry and Michel Bouvard made a very impressive project full of innovation, especially designed to teach improvisation and inspire student’s soul.
Juts to say this instrument is able to reproduce even the effect of sound delay, just like in churches and concert halls.

TOKYO (Japan) – St. Mary’s Cathedral     III/46

A suspended mechanical action instrument for an equally striking cathedral designed by Kenzo Tange.

VILA REAL (Portugal) – St. Dominic Cathedral   IV/33

A new symphonic organ for a historic cathedral to the north of Portugal. Adorned with a striking Trompeta in Batalha in burnished copper, and proof that total modernity really can enrich the most traditional of surroundings.

FATIMA (Portugal) – Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima     V/90

Whilst this huge, resonant Basilica is restored, its 5-manual 1952 Rufatti organ is being totally rebuilt and enlarged to 90 stops.

FLORENCE (Italy) – S.Maria del Fiore Cathedral     V/130

One of the most large and complex organ in Europe with its 6 organ division and 4 console all linked together. A recent work included a new Coral organ and a monumental 5 manual console.

CATANIA (Italy) – S.Agata Cathedral    III/44

After restoring the huge baroque organ of S.Nicolò l’Arena in Catania, Sicily, we returned to reconstruct the Cathedral’s instrument originally built by Nicolas Theodore Jaquot.

ROME – S. Antonio dei Portoghesi     V/63

A remarkably unique project in partnership with Jean Guillou, using a “sensitive” electric key-action simulating the direct control of trackers.

ALESSANDRIA (Italy) -S.Giovanni Evangelista    III/47

A romantic – symphonic organ tonally designed by M° Massimo Nosetti, and the lifelong dream of Don Caludio Moschini.

VAIRANO (Italy) – SS.Cosma e Damiano    III/41

A new organ for the modern church of Vairano, inspired by the french symphonic tradition in the style of Aristide Cavaille-Coll.

GIUBIASCO (Switzerland) – S.Maria Assunta    II/22

A new instrument on the gallery of an interesting 13th. Century parish church near Bellinzona in Switzerland.

COSENZA (Italy) – Cathedral    III/45

A new great organ for a beautiful cathedral, influenced by the romantic-symphonic French style with a northern european touch.

VOGHERA (Italy) – Cathedral    III/74

The total reconstruction of an instrument originally built by Balbiani in 1952 for the Cathedral of Pavia, which in turn sold the pipework to Voghera! Otherwise, the organ is completely new.

CASTELLANZA (Italy) – S.Giulio    II/28

Our first neo-symphonic instrument where the richness and the power of the foundation stops together with the color of the French reeds is a full experience.

AZZIO (Italy) – Convent Church  II/11

A small two manual instrument, with a very interesting disposition, installed where our history began: the Convent Church in Azzio.

TENERO (Switzerland) – St.Peter and St.Vincent Martyr    II/12

An electric action organ of modest proportions, yet with a huge personality.