TENERO (Switzerland)


At the heart of Tenero, in the Swiss Canton of Ticino, lies the seventeenth century church of St.Pietro and St.Vincent the Martyr. Like the building, the new organ is modestly proportioned: two manuals and pedals with electric action and just 12 speaking stops. The second manual is under expression.

Tonally, though, its versatility outweighs its size. While the instrument’s main use is liturgical, an eclectic mix of concerts and recitals take place here. Its mellow, gentle sonority, too, can nevertheless fill a packed building more than well.

The church recently underwent some interesting architectural changes, so the case and façade fall in line with them.
It was a challenge: the west end has a strict, linear feel, yet the organ still needed a character of its own. Hence the three towers which frame the half-round fanlight above them with a sensible symmetry. Not over-the- top, but arresting.
Built in oak, the casework is subtly stained to augment the colours of the church’s interior, even its metallic tints including the all-speaking façade belonging to the 8’ Principale.

The console, again of oak and located beside the crossing, has the same aesthetic feel with tiered drawstop-jambs aligned to both manuals.

In all, conservative elegance combined with a wealth of character.


2 keyboards of 56 keys (C-g) – pedalboard with 30 keys (C-f)

Keyboard I – Great Organ
1. Bordone 16′
2. Flauto a camino 8′
3. Principale 8′
4. Ottava 4′
5. Principale 2′
11. Subbasso 16′
12. Bordone 8′


I  al Ped
II  al  Ped
I  al  II
Keyboard  II – Recit. Enclosed
6. Bordone 8′
7. Viola da Gamba 8′
8. Voce Celeste 8′
9. Flauto conico 4′
10. Nazardo 2.2/3′


II  16  I
II  4  I
I  4  I
I  4  Ped